Thursday, September 28, 2006

Powerful Symbian SIS file Packer / Unpacker

YAMGui Plus Is a very usefull handy piece of software for all symbian power users, this great software allows you to make sis files, un make sis files, preview themes and much more. Currently YamGUI Plus does not support 3rd edition sis files, this might be implemented in the future releases of YAMGui.

Main features:

  • Create SIS Files
  • create sis files
  • grab UID from .sis and .app
  • grab app name and version info from .sis
  • add popup from textfile or type new one
  • set type of popup
  • choose position of popup (begin/end)
  • preview popup
  • embed sis in sis
  • set default directories to easy the browsing
  • save as .pkg file to process later
  • process .pkg file
  • Unpack/Rebuild SIS rebuild sis files, good for themes when you get Series60SkinSupport error
    files are rebuilt with same name, UID and target platform Series 60 v0.9 (all)

SIS Info/Extract features:

  • view all info from sis file
  • view appname for all languages
  • view all languages
  • view behavior of sis files with If, Else and Options
  • extract all files
  • choice to extract all languages or only one
  • save the listing in txt file

Preview theme:

  • preview a theme is sis format
  • ability to show icons
  • ability to save preview images
New features:
  • added option to Unpack/Rebuild SIS files this is a very usefull option for those amongst us that are experiencing problems when installing themes (series60skinsupport messages)
  • currently it will only show the Idle screen background of some themes
  • expanded the theme preview feature, it will now show Idle screen
  • Calendar background
  • Menu background
  • Favorites background
  • Menupopup
  • added the ability to show Signal and Battery level
  • added the ability to show Icons if any exists
  • added the ability to save the preview images
  • you will be asked for a save path, the names will be like they are show preceding by the theme name ex.: Hitman_Calendar.bmp
  • fixed a bug that caused runtime error 53
  • created a proper installer


Billy said...

cool software

Anonymous said...

very good

Johnson said...

All the Good Things are Good And Last Long!

Plank said...

How do I get this Program????.

Anonymous said...

where is a download link....?