Friday, September 29, 2006

New S60 and UIQ Application Site is a new site that from Simon Judge which lists S60 3rd Edition and UIQ 3.0 (Symbian 9.1) applications. All applications are native C++ with no Java listings.
If you are a developer you can have your application listed on the website with an easy one click Add Link button located on the site.
There are a whole lot of freeware applications all searchable by category.

In Simon's words these are the main reasons he put up Symtopia:

Here are my general impressions having visited the various developer web sites, forums and existing (mainly Handango-based) directories…

The 80/20 principle seems to apply. There are a few developers producing large numbers of titles. Prior to Symbian 9.1 there were many more developers each producing fewer titles. Maybe the developers producing the large number of titles were those who previously made a good profit pre- Symbian 9.1.

There is approximately three times as many S60 applications as UIQ applications. This might be explained by the fact that UIQ 3.0 devices and SDKs trailed S60 by about a month. However, I still can’t envisage the number of UIQ 3.0 reaching the same as S60 (now) in a months time.

There’s evidence of developers stalling during development (e.g. FExplorer, Papyrus, Blackballer) due to complexities of platform security.

There are some instances of end-users automatically assuming older (pre-Symbian 9.1) software will run on Symbian 9.1 devices leading to consumer frustration.

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NoX said...

well, in my opinion the s60 is way over the UIQ, and that might just be one of the reasons it is outnumbered..