Monday, October 16, 2006

How to Recover a password from a MMC card on your Mobile

1 Open any file manager softwares like Seleq, FExplorer.

2 (Search phone memory only)search for the file MMCSTORE in phonememory using seleq software’s inbuilt search or search manually in folders either C:/SYSTEM/DATA or C:/SYSTEM/
Search by giving the search item as mmcstore.* or mmcstore.dat (better manually locate)(Seleq represents phone memory as c drive and mmc as E drive)

3 when you find it, send it to your PC by using send option in seleq.

4 on PC, open the file with Notepad, or any word processor

5 There goes your password.Ignore spaces and any unidentificable unknown (non english) charecters.

You can only recover the password of the MMC card set on your phone. If the password for the card was set on another phone you would have to apply the above procedure on the phone which originally set the MMC password. That is to say you can't insert the MMC card into another phone and search the phonememory for the password there.

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