Tuesday, September 12, 2006

How to convert your Nokia into a spy Phone


Before you read on, you must read this disclaimer:

I will not be held responsible for any damage you may inflict on your handset, nor any consequences which result from you implementing the techniques you read here.

Please be aware that in many countries, the use of covert surveillance devices is illegal. You must check the legality of your proposed actions before you implement them!!! Useful information on international privacy laws and covert surveillance can be found on this page and also on the BBC website.


Once you have ‘adapted’ your handset to become a “listening device”, you will be able to call it remotely and listen to the sounds in the room where it has been left.

Nokia handsets (5510, 6110, 6210, 6310 are easier, though you can use 3210, 3310 and 3330, etc). For the purpose of clarity, I’ll assume you’re working with a 6210 or similar handset on which the “pins” are visible at the base of the phone close to where the charger plugs in. Other models, such as the 3310, can also be easily adapted as I will explain later in this guide.

Please note: This method does involve “hacking” the hardware of your handset!

At the base of your phone where the charger plugs in, you should see a row of ‘pins’ which look like the diagram below:

  1. The “O” is where the charger plugs in to the phone. The grey lines are the long silver pins and the yellow ones are the shorter copper pins.
  2. You need to short pins 3, 6 and 9 (highlighted in red in the diagram below).

  1. This will cause the handset to “hang” after which the “headset” menu will become available.
  2. You should then alter the profile settings as in the first method so that “automatic answer” is enabled and the phone is on silent mode.

If you are still concerned that the screen will flash when a call is received, thus drawing attention to the handset, you may want to consider replacing the screen with one which is broken or doesn’t work. Alternatively, you could put a thin piece of paper between the contacts on the screen and the phone so that the screen does not operate, though I wouldn’t recommend this as it could cause permanent damage to the handset! At the moment, I do not know of any other method by which you can stop anything appearing on the screen when a call is received, though I will update this post if I find one!

Information and Legitimate Uses

This guide is orientated for use with the 6210 or similar handsets which have the six pins visible at the base of the handset.

Other handsets such as the 3310 and 8210 can also be adapted though this would involve dismantling the handset with the use of a torx mobile phone screwdriver in order to access the “charging port” near the base of the phone.

The pins which you need to short on these models are different to those mentioned above!

Instead, you would need to short only pins 4 and 5 which are just visible if you look inside the hole where the hands-free kit would plug in. Once you have access to the pins, it is relatively easy to do. The screwdrivers themselves are not expensive and can be purchased readily on Ebay for a few pounds.

As I have already stated, the use of covert surveillance devices is illegal in many countries. As far as I am aware, in the UK, it is not illegal to poses such a device, but it is illegal to use it to “spy” on another person without their express permission. Legitimate and lawful uses of the “spy phone” would be as a baby monitoring device, for example, or in experimenting with the transmission of sounds on your own property.


haig1978@yahoo.com said...

hmmmm good guide. Now they have software based hacks that wil allow you to hear phone calls from the victim by way of the conference call settings and get a copy of all inbound and outbound sms. spyphone.com and the like

Anonymous said...

Good day, I'm sky computer engineering student, i like your idea of spy phone, excellent, I write you cause i need help of cellphone expert in my THESIS, i'm planning to creat a Bus Tracker,(traveler's guide) in every Bus station indicating how far or how close the bus is. I'm planning to use cellphone just to transmit the data to ather stations. hope you can help me about this.


Anonymous said...

How about just turning the phone over so the screen is not visible?

Anonymous said...

hello i have a nokia 3410 and I do not see which pine must be to weld.
i opened the telephone and i have two contact one with the top of other.
have a photograph if you want



Anonymous said...

Hello J opened my Nokia 3410 and I do not find the good number of contact i have 8 and not 9



Anonymous said...

If you have a bluetooth head set, simply pair it up with the mobile and set the handset to autoanswer mode. Leave the bluetooth headset at the place where you want to spy and mobile phone can be hidden elsewhere out of sight, within the bluetooth range.