Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Telnet from your mobile phone

µTelnet is a Telnet client for J2ME/MIDP mobile devices? featuring:

- direct TCP connection to remote sites
- an ANSI-compatible terminal with offscreen scrolling
- an interface adapted to limited input capabilities
- bookmark management, command history and control characters support

µTelnet requires a J2ME/MIDP-compatible device that has support for socket connections.
- PalmOS devices (with MIDP for PalmOS installed)
Also, note that for proper text formatting, your device would need to have access to a monospace font (like the one used on this page).

Disclaimer: before using µTelnet, you should be aware that the Telnet protocol is inherently insecure, everything you type including your password is sent as clear text in the air so use it at your own risks !

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