Monday, July 10, 2006

New emulation features update Sony Ericsson SDK 2.2.4 for the Java ME Platform

The latest Sony Ericsson SDK 2.2.4 for the Java™ ME Platform introduces platformized emulation and platformized on-device debugging for Sony Ericsson's new Java Platform 7 (JP-7) mobile phones.

As a developer, rather than concentrating on the many different product names, only two variables need to be considered:

  • Phone screen size
  • Java Platform

This is realized by selecting the phone Java Platform as opposed to the product name, formatted as SonyEricsson__. The available platform profiles are defined as SonyEricsson_JP7_128x128, SonyEricsson_JP7_128x160, SonyEricsson_JP7_176x220 and SonyEricsson_JP7_240x320.

Using this approach, JP-7 phones, which currently includes the K610, K800, K790, W850, Z710 and W710, can be tested and debugged using their appropriate screen configurations:


  • K610
  • W710
  • Z710


  • W850
  • K790
  • K800

    As each new Sony Ericsson Java Platform is announced, the platform will be introduced to the Java ME SDK using the same naming approach.

    In additional to platformization, the Java ME SDK 2.2.4 also introduces improved stability for on-device debugging in addition to updated Eclipse plug-ins and all interim phone announcements since the last SDK release.

    Download Sony Ericsson SDK 2.2.4 for the Java ME Platform here>>

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