Monday, February 16, 2009

Mobile Phone Industry Is Massive

"4 billion mobile phone subscriptions on the planet, covering 60% of the population. 3.4 billion actual phones in use and connected. 3 billion unique phone owners. 3 billion active users of SMS text messaging. 1.9 billion cameraphones in use. 1.7 billion consumers of various premium data services on mobile. 1.35 billion active users of MMS 1.05 active users of browsing ("mobile internet") on the phones. The total content industry on mobile is worth 71 billion dollars. Messaging on mobile worth 130 billion. Total data on phones worth 200 billion. Total mobile services, voice and data, worth 800 billion and the total annual revenues of the mobile industry including handset and network equipment sales, worth one Trillion dollars." says Tomi Ahonen

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