Monday, March 19, 2007

PerCushion Pillow Phone

"Just when you thought you'd seen everything in the world of mobile phones comes this, the PerCushion Pillow Phone. Basically, it's a pillow (i.e. the thing you use to sleep on) with a Bluetooth device embedded inside it that connects to your mobile phone (i.e. the thing you do not use to get a good night's sleep!).

Not only Bluetooth - the PerCushion also comes with an integratged microphone, loudspeaker, rechargeable lithium ion battery and LEDs that indicate whether the pillow's receiving a call or not (though presumably the loud ringtone screaming into your ear as you sleep might also indicate a call coming in!)"

Crazy and lazy idea.



Sue said...

Hmmm when I think pillow, and sleep I do not think phone call ... ;) Kooky idea!

Fidget said...

oh man I would have KILLED for this back in highschool. Now I cover my regular phone with a pillow to muffle the ring so I can sleep a little longer

Willie Colon said...

Where can I get wireless data collection software for my blackberry and Motorola. I have been trying to find something for months now. It needs to support drop down menus, gps, check boxes, maybe capture photos, and bar coding. Please help

iPod Accessories said...

Hmm..wouldn't you want peace and quiet when you sleep..oh well..this can be useful for busy people who needs to answer every call they received.