Friday, October 06, 2006

Morphing User Interface On Mobile Phones

BenQ Siemens has come up with another touch screen phone much like the BenQ Siemens Ruby the amazing difference being its the most popular used fuctions are displayed automatically. If you want to access the other functions you simply press the touch-sensitive 'MORE' button . Basically the phones user interface morphs according to the users usage pattern.


Say No to Crack said...

If this really works, it would be amazing ... although from the picture, it just looks like a mock up.

Does it also show your most called contacts at the top of a list? That would be cool too.

Mobile Phone Man said...

This phone looks syleish and plain at the same time. I am not sure how it would cope with the day to day living of todays modern man ie, been dropped of put in the pocket with a bunch of keys but for those that used their phone for business i think it could go far with a few tweeks maybe custom icons that can be chosen to be displayed on the desktop. Id love to take the time to review it in person.

Mobile Phone Man