Monday, October 09, 2006

Ever wanted to be a Mobile Phone Tester ?

Now you can. Fork Factory is putting the word out and they are looking for people like you to test phones, services and other mobile content for telecomunication carriers. As an incentive they are also offering cool prizes like an iPod Photo, a PSP, a Motorola RAZR phone, iTunes gift certificates and free mobile subscriptions to their new Fork site.

If you don't make it as a tester the site still sound like fun read the faq for deatails.


The Phone Man said...

Sounds like and excellent oppertunity for those people in the industy. My self been a the owner of an online estore like called The Phone Network
If they are in they are in the UK ill give it a go.

The Phone Man said...

Sorry everyone i have just seen that Fone factor have stopped this offer.