Sunday, September 17, 2006

MiniFiz - Moblog (Mobile Blogging) for girls

When you connect to or via a WAP site on your mobile, you first create your own avatar (your Popp’s) and style it as you like with actual clothes and accessories adapted to the Popp’s. Then you start sharing with other members of the community via your FizzBlog or on the Forum.

Stay connected with other MiniFizz members through your FizzBlog. Share your mood, pictures, projects, passions… And comment or answer on so many different topics. Interactivity is a must for girls!

The Community is constantly animated with games, quizzes and contests and you can win many prizes of which the actual clothing and accessories of your Popp’s !

Create a web & mobile universe of multi-facetted girls, with diverse interests, and not at all stereotyped as most services targetting girls are.

When connecting to Canal MiniFizz, a user will become a MiniFizz herself with the creation of her own avatar with her own looks (including piercing, tattoos) using « MiniFizz Popp’s » ; then she can share her life and her emotions with other members of the community in her « FizzBlog » , a web and mobile based blog. Posting an image by MMS or a live comment from wherever we are becomes so easy.

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