Thursday, August 31, 2006

Cell Phone Data Eraser

Your phone contains private data that you may not want others to see like PIN's, photos, contact names and numbers. Before giving your phone to your little sister you might want to get rid of all this data and if you don't know how you can get step-by-step instruction at Wireless Recycling just by entering your phone model.

If your cell phone stores contacts and other information on a SIM card, take the card out. The SIM card doesn't necessarily store all the data on your phone, though. It may store only your phone book, while call logs, photos, memos, and other information might reside in the phone's internal memory.

To get rid of everything, you may need to employ multiple reset commands; and those commands aren't always easy to find in a modern cell phone's complex menus. Many of todays smartphones require you to enter ten different commands to delete all data, including text messages, phone numbers, call timers, and logs. But remember, if you want to keep the numbers stored in your SIM card, by all means remove it before you delete anything!

In a recent article published in the New York Times should get your attention to the dangers of not wiping out your phone data completely.

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