Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Virgin Mobile to launch First Mobile TV in UK?

ZD Net are reporting that the UK's Virgin Mobile are preparing to launch the UK's first true mobile broadcast service this autumn, utilizing British Telecom's Movio product. The Movio product makes use of the same digital spectrum as digital radio, but enhances the signal to included support for a limited number of TV channels.

Previous iterations of mobile TV in the UK, such as services provided by Orange and Vodafone, have streamed the signal as Internet Protocol (IP) packets. This method uses a large amount of 3G bandwidth and the resulting expense forced operators to cap the number of hours that users could watch per month.

Streaming mobile TV over 3G networks can also lead to a degraded service if there are many active users in the cell.

Insiders have told ZDNet UK that Virgin's deal with BT includes a period of exclusivity of three months. The content providers for Movio will likely be announced within a month.

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