Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sony M608c Phone

Documents available at the FCC show a recently approved Sony Ericsson M608c, a UIQ3 based all-in-one phone. The Sony M608c comes with a USB data cable and supports Memory Stick Micro (M2) for expanding memory. It features the familiar Jog Dial to scroll lists, doubling up as volume control when using it as an audio player.

A dual function keyboard is present on the phone, making it easier to enter text thanks to the QWERTY layout. A stylus takes care of recognizing your handwriting. The full-fledged web browser on the phone allows you to subscribe to RSS feeds as well.

The Sony M608c includes an advanced media player that handles playback of both audio and video files, and the phone is compatible with PlayNow service. In addition, both QuickOffice and PDF+ are pre-installed.

For now, the phone is set for the Chinese market - but it could hit other countries soon.

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