Saturday, July 08, 2006

Program Sky+ via Mobile

Ewan at SMS Text News points to an article on PocketLint about a new service launched in the UK by Sky, allowing customers to program their Sky+ device (the UK equivalent of a Tivo, with less functionality) from their mobile phones. The service comes in two forms, either a downloadable application that lets users browse the normal Sky EPG and set programs to be recorded through a graphical user interface, or via short message which lets customers set which programs to record by sending a specially constructed SMS.

The text message version works with any UK-based mobile phone, users send a short message such as The Simpsons. Sky 1. 11/06. 18:30. to the dedicated "Remote Record" number 61759. Sky then automatically searches the TV listings and if a match is found a message is sent to the customers Sky+ box.
Up to 8 mobiles can be registered per Sky+ box. As a UK Sky subscriber I'd certainly make use of this service, but like a lot of companies Sky penalises existing customers who want to upgrade.

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