Friday, July 21, 2006

Phonojournalists Call The Shots On CurrentMobile and Earn some cash

Pick up your cell phone and start shooting—your video could make it on national TV! This summer Current TV, a U.S national cable and satellite channel dedicated to bringing the peoples voice to television (founded by former Vice-President Al Gore) has launched Current Mobile a new programming that showcases video from cell phones. As an innovative twist on Current's 'viewer created content,' or VC 2, Current Mobile will become a regular feature airing on Current. This makes Current (and its sponsor Sony Ericsson) the first network to regularly showcase mobile video content.

Current's viewer created content presently makes up over 30% of the network's broadcast, an Current's "viewer created ad messages" (or V-CAMs) allow viewers to create ads for the major brands that sponsor the network.

So, to jumpstart the program, Current TV will offer a summer promotion called MobileVision, sponsored by Sony Ericsson, where mobile videomakers can capture moments from summer festivals, hot street fashion, rants, and other topics that will be posted on Current's web site. The public can vote, or "greenlight," pieces on the website. Every Thursday at 5:00pm PST through August 31, a new winning video with the most greenlights will be selected, and the producer will receive $500 and be considered for television broadcast by Current TV's programming department. Any other upload that goes on air will earn $100 each.

Of course, in the nature of mobile video making “Current Mobile” pieces will be shorter, and capture moments rather than full stories. They will be easier to produce, requiring less editing and technical skills. For those without a videocamera, it can be the first way to start contributing video to the network.

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