Thursday, July 27, 2006

Outkast Launches Music Video via O2

OutKast has launched their latest Music Video through O2's mobile platform n a cross-promotional deal between Sony and BMG. O2 customers will be able to download and view the music video for the single Morris Brown a week before it is aired elsewhere, along with being able to download custom versions of the single alongside other OutKast mobile content.

Grahame Riddell, head of content marketing at O2, said: "This new deal with Sony BMG strengthens O2's music proposition further allowing us to offer our customers compelling music content they won't find elsewhere -- in the case of OutKast not even on MTV."

"Sony BMG and OutKast's decision to offer O2 customers the first view of their new music video demonstrates the power of the mobile community in offering a captive audience for artists to showcase their music to."

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