Sunday, July 30, 2006

Mad Cow Disease Linked To Bovine Mobile Phone Users

Thats right, British scientists studying the disease claim to have discovered the main cause of Mad Cow when they accidentally came across a pack of Friesian Holsteins chatting away on mobile phones.

"We knew mobile phones were dangerous, and we knew cows were intrigued by wireless technology, but when we saw them using the mobiles, we made the connection right away," said lead researcher Kevin Barrington, who spotted the culprits at a dairy farm outside Kent.

With the already existing concern linking cell phones to brain cancer this will prove to be yet another headache for the mobile industry which has already dismissed the British claims. "To even insinuate that cell phones could somehow be the cause of this disease is as absurd as the notion that cows could use cell phones at all," said Nokia spokesperson Nigel Wanthorpe.

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