Sunday, July 23, 2006

Get an SMS from your washing machine

The Internet Home Alliance, an organization comprised of high tech companies such as HP and Microsoft as well as P&G and Whirlpool, have begun an eight-week pilot to test the concept of an intelligent washing machine. The mobile angle? The machine is tied into a home network that can alert you via SMS, as well as messages on the TV, that your laundry is done. Thus spake the managers of Laundry Time:

"To be conducted in Atlanta homes between today and early September, Laundry Time is built around a connected laundry solution that links a washer and dryer to a home network and sends text messages about the laundry's progress to a computer, TV and/or cell phone. This revolutionary technology enables consumers to manage the laundry process from remote locations such as a grocery store or soccer game, freeing them up to go about their day rather than forcing them to stay home to manage the process.

'Generally, most people tend to 'batch' their laundry -- washing and drying at the same time -- and they stay home during the hours it takes to manage the laundry process,' said Carol Priefert, Senior Product Development Manager, Whirlpool Corporation. 'Whirlpool research shows that the average consumer "batches" about six and a half loads one day per week, while heavy users may "batch" as many as 15 loads. Laundry Time will test ways to make it easier for people to manage the process remotely or while doing other things around the home.'
Isn't that what the buzzer is for?

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