Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Flash Lite 1.1 : Mobile Application Development Courses

If you are interested in Flash Lite 1.1 courses to learn Flash Lite 1.1 and to be able to become a Certified Flash Lite 1.1 (here preparation docs) developer here is the curriculum for the official course from Adobe: “ Flash Lite 1.1: Mobile Application Development provides students the knowledge and hands-on practice they need to produce and deliver high-quality animations, interfaces, games and applications specifically designed to take advantage of mobile device capabilities.”

Also Moket is holding two course sessions, here more details:

  • BRISBANE - July 25-27
  • MELBOURNE - August 22-24

“Are you a mobile developer and interested in learning how to create mobile content in Flash Lite 1.1? Moket has Certified Adobe Instructors who are able to deliver the Flash Lite 1.1 for Mobile Application Development courseware training throughout Australia.”

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