Friday, July 14, 2006

File Explorer Tricks for Series60 phones

* How to reset the operator logo :

1) go to the following dir :


1) delete any file in this directory

3) restart the phone

* to make a screenshot on a Nokia 3650, 6600 :

1) use the pencil key + '0'
2) the screenshot is saved in C:\NOKIA\IMAGES\FE_img\

* to make a screenshot on a SX1 :

1) use the shift key + '0'
2) the screenshot is saved in C:\NOKIA\IMAGES\FE_img\

* remember, there are some shortcuts :

: copy
: show path (scroll with joystick left/right)
: PageUp
: cut
*not yet used*
: top of the list
: paste
*not yet used*
: PageDown
: Mark / Unmark a file
: go to root
: file properties
: delete a file

* running exe files :

With version 1.13,in the directory of FExplorer a console exe file : EXETEST.EXE (you can run it), the purpose is only to test if FExplorer can run EXE files on your phone.

* restoring the last path in views :

After leaving the 'about box', 'settings' or the 'editor' view, if FExplorer return to the root directory, check that the 'save last path' in the settings is 'ON', not only this settings is used when leaving FExplorer but i's also used in all the differents 'views' (06/03/2005).

* how to switch between the text/hex viewer :

Simply, go to the settings and choose the viewer type : text or hex (06/05/2005).

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sharad said...


Could you tell me where all saved web pages are stored in my nokia 3230? I want to buy a new phone and i want to copy these web pages to my new phone.